FlexLogger Support for Ethernet CompactDAQ and FieldDAQ Devices

Updated Oct 23, 2018

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9185
  • cDAQ-9189
  • FD-11603
  • FD-11613
  • FD-11637
  • cDAQ-9171
  • cDAQ-9174
  • cDAQ-9178
  • cDAQ-9179
  • cDAQ-9181
  • cDAQ-9184
  • cDAQ-9188

Issue Details

I need to use ethernet network because the system is far away from my computer. Does FlexLogger support ethernet CompactDAQ and FieldDAQ devices?


FlexLogger supports ethernet CompactDAQ and FielDAQ devices.

Additional Information

In FlexLogger 2018 R3 the TSN hardware and FieldDAQ devices were added. See FlexLogger 2018 R3 Readme to get the supported hardware information.

Note: National Instruments is committed to add additional hardware support in upcoming FlexLogger releases. It's recommended to check the latest FlexLogger readme to see the latest hardware compatibility information.