PXIe-8234 Ethernet Interface Module vs Frame Grabber Module with Vision

Updated Apr 20, 2023

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  • PXIe-8234
  • PXIe-8234 with Vision Acquisition Software

Issue Details

I see two instances of the PXIe-8234 module with different part numbers on the National Instrument website.  What is the difference between the two and which one should I choose?


The PXIe-8234 has two different part numbers, because it can be purchased with NI Vision Acquisition Software (VAS) or without. 

PXIe-8234 PXI Ethernet Interface Module (PN: 780244-01), does not included a license for NI VAS.  You should get this card if you just need a two port Ethernet interface module and not necessarily NI VAS.  If you are working on a vision acquisition system, you should consider this card if you already have a license for NI VAS.

PXIe-8234 with Vision Acquisition Software PXI Frame Grabber Module (PN: 780263-01), includes a license for NI VAS.  You should get this module if you require NI VAS for capturing images form your camera, but do not have an NI VAS license.