Does NI-XNET Support the FlexRay Database in AUTOSAR XML Format?

Updated Feb 9, 2021

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Issue Details

When opening an AUTOSAR XML (*.arxml) file using the NI-XNET Database Editor, I can see and edit CAN-related clusters but not FlexRay clusters There is no error or warning. Why is this?


The *.arxml format is not supported for FlexRay databases in XNET. Currently, to view or edit FlexRay clusters in the NI-XNET Database Editor, you must use an XML-formatted database.

Additional Information

​Beginning with NI-XNET 17.0.1, XNET started to support database files in *.arxml format. However, this only applied to CAN databases until support for *.arxml LIN databases was added in XNET 17.5.