Why Is Ultiboard Not Following the Design Rules When Routing?

Updated Oct 29, 2018

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  • Multisim

Issue Details

I set up the Ultiboard design rules by selecting Options»PCB Properties»Design Rules but when I am routing the nets, the trace size and clearance does not match with what I entered. How do I fix this?


The Design Rules you set in the PCB Properties only apply if you are creating a layout without a netlist. If you exported a netlist from Multisim, the trace settings in Multisim take precedence over the Design Rules in Ultiboard. You may set these setting in Multisim before you transfer your design.

If you would like to change the net settings in Ultiboard, go to the Spreadsheet View and use the Nets tab to modify net information, remember you can use Ctrl and Shift to multi-select. If you don't see a Spreadsheet View, select from the main menu View»Spreadsheet View.