Change Max and Min Values of Color Ramp Spectrum in Mesh Graph

Updated Dec 6, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I’m currently using several mesh graphs to compare data.
However, the max and min values of the color ramp cannot be changed in the Color Ramp Editor, so it is difficult to compare the size of the data with the color when comparing multiple graphs.
  • Can I change the max and min value of the color lamp?
  • If not, is there a way to integrate colors for values in multiple graphs?


The max and min values of the color ramp are defined by the max and min of the Z axis matrix. Therefore, it is not possible to change them in the Color Ramp Editor.
If you specify those value in the Z axis matrix input of the Plot and look at the color ramp range of the mesh indicator, you'll see the min and max values change to reflect those values. These changes are also reflected in the color ramp when accessing the 3D plot properties.

However, you can change the max and min values of the graph with a simple operation.
The code attached below is a variation of the 3D Mesh code and shows an example of changing the max&min values of the color ramp by adding an unnecessary value.
After configuring the code as shown above, change the setting value in 3D Plot Properties.

Right click Front Panel 3D Mesh graph indicator » Click 3D Plot Porperties. (See the figure below.)
Click Graph under the category » Check Clip data to axis range in General Setting box.
Click Axis under the Category » Select X Axis » Uncheck Auto scale & One decrease Maximum value (Because we made an unnecessary axis.)
As you see in the figure below, you can see that the color ramp of the same data can be changed and compared.