Unable to Load DLL 'nianlys.dll' Error With Measurement Studio Application

Updated Oct 4, 2018

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio


Microsoft Visual Studio

Issue Details

I have built my Measurement Studio (MStudio) project into an installer. The application uses some of the Measurement Studio analysis methods. The application uses some of the Measurement Studio analysis methods. When I run my application, I receive the Unable to Load DLL 'nianlys.dll' error at the first call to an analysis routine:



Target Machine is Windows XP or Windows 7

If you tried to run the MSI (Microsoft Installer) with standard user privileges, the application might have installed successfully but registry entries were probably not created, resulting in the errors mentioned earlier at runtime. 

One solution is to uninstall your existing application and re-install by either right-clicking on the MSI file or setup.exe and selecting Run as Administrator.

Target Machine is Windows 10

Include the LV140000_BLASLAPACK.dll as part of the installer.

Additional Information

The National Instruments shared directory path for the nianlys.dll file is stored in the registry. In order to edit the registry on Windows Vista or Windows 7, the user must have administrator privileges. It is important to note that when you log in as an administrator, you are actually running with standard user privileges. This means you can only perform actions that are permitted by standard users (for example you cannot write to the registry).