Pt100 Temperature Measurement using the REM-11120 for Remote I/O

Updated Apr 3, 2023



  • REM-11120


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT


  • Pt100

I want to set up a temperature measurement using the REM-11120 Temperature Input Module for Remote-I/O and a Pt100 RTD. How do I configure the parameters of the Configure Module VI of the NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT driver?

1. Connect the Pt100 to the REM-11120 using either the pins 00/10 (Cold Junction 0) or 02/12 (Cold Junction 1)

2. Configure the terminal parameters of the Configure Module VI  as follows:
  • parameters:
    • parameters for channels:
      • channel number: choose any free thermocouple channel, e.g. TC0
      • cold junction type: 2 or 3 (External/Pt 100/Connector1 or 2)
      • sensor type: 15 (cold junction)

Important: You need to read from the variable with the same name as the channel name selected in the Configure Module VI  (in this case TC0).

Additional Information

The REM-11120 supports reading two Pt100 resistance temperature detectors wired to the pins 00/10 (Cold Junction 0) and 02/12 (Cold Junction 1) .