Virtualbench Application Does Not Launch or States That Another Application Has the Device Reserved

Updated Oct 4, 2018

Reported In


  • VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument
  • VB-8054
  • VB-8012
  • VB-8034


  • NI-VirtualBench Application and Driver 1.0
  • NI-VirtualBench Application and Driver 1.0.1

Issue Details

When trying to launch the VirtualBench Application, I either the application does not launch and nothing happens or I this message:

"The device is reserved by another session of the application"


When this occurs you will see the VirtualBench.exe in the task manager, which prevents you from opening the new instance. To fix this, simply end the process from task manger.
  1. Press <Ctrl+Shift+Esc> simultaneously on our keyboard.
  2. Select the Processes Tab
  3. In the Image Name process find VirtualBench.exe and click on it
  4. Click the End Task button (the VirtualBench USB cable may need to be unplugged first)
  5. In the "Are you sure..." prompt click the Yes button.
  6. Repeat for an additional instances.

Relaunch the application and now you should see the Application's window open.

Additional Information

Both of these behaviors are caused by the same underlying condition. In NI-VirtualBench 1.0 and 1.0.1, it is possible for the VitualBench Application to get in a state where the process is still running even though the application is closed.


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