FTP XNET Database XML File to Real-Time Controller

Updated Mar 11, 2024




I am using NI-XNET Database Editor to create my XNET XML database file, and I would like to FTP the database to my real-time controller. How do I do this?

In order to FTP your database to your RT controller, you will need to go through the database deployment process. This compiles the XML file into a smaller binary file and transfers the binary file to the appropriate location on your RT controller. Please follow the instructions below.
  1. Install NI-XNET to your RT controller. These instructions can be found in the NI-XNET manual under LabVIEW Real-Time (RT) Configuration.
  2. Open the NI-XNET Database Editor.
  3. Navigate to File»Manage Aliases. This will open the Manage NI-XNET Databases window.
  1. Enter the IP Address of your RT Controller in the IP Address of RT Target field. The IP Address can be located using the configuration following links, PXI and cRIO.
  2. Click Connect. This will enable the XNET Databases on RT Target listbox.
  3. Select the database alias you would like to deploy from the XNET Databases on My Computer listbox. If the database is not auto-populated, you can manually navigate to the database file using the Add Alias... button.
  4. With your desired alias selected, click Deploy
  5. The XNET Databases on RT Target listbox should now include the database alias which was just deployed.