Auto-Updating Registry Key When Installing Application

Updated Nov 29, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module

Issue Details

I am creating an application created in LabVIEW, that I will distribute with an installer. I want to track the version number and installation date of this application so I want the installer to enter new Registry Keys upon installation. I also want the value of these keys to update automatically based on installer version, date, etc.
Is it possible to do this with an installer built in LabVIEW? How can I automate this process?


You can configure the installer to enter registry entries upon installation. Create an installer, go to Properties -> Registry and create the folders in the registry hierarchy as needed. When adding new keys you can use the following values with square brackets in the registry editor and the installer will fill in values at install:
  • [INSTALLDIR] : installation directory
  • [Date] : date of installation
  • [ProductName] : name of the product, defined in the installer
  • [ProductVersion] : version of the installer

When you run the built installer it will create the registry keys and fill the values based on the variables.


Additional Information

Please keep in mind that if you are running a 32-bit Installer on a 64-bit machine the registry keys will be create in the "WOW6432Node" sub-folder, since 64-bit Windows is emulating the 32-bit environment.

If you are looking to append changes to a registry key instead of overwriting, you can run a separate EXE that will read the value of the registry key and then append your additions. That EXE can be called with the "Run executable at end of installation" option in the Advanced category of the installer properties or separately from your installer. You can also use a command line argument, which is also found in the Advanced category of the installer properties.