Report Generation Toolkit Image Captions Missing

Updated Oct 19, 2018

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  • LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit

Issue Details

I tried wiring into a caption or description terminal of different VIs in the Report Generation Toolkit, but they aren't showing up on my Word report. How can I make these appear?


In the Report Generation Toolkit, VIs with these terminals (including the Append Image to Report VI or Append Control Image to Report VI) use this string to determines the alternative text that will display in an HTML report when a web browser is set to display no images. In a Word report, these will not appear.

To create captions, you will need to use the Word Get ActiveX References VI and Invoke Nodes in the manner shown below. The example below will place a caption reading "Figure 1. This is a test" below the image.

Additional Information

If you are experiencing an Error 1 on the Save Report to File VI, you are closing the ActiveX Document reference before saving the report. Wire the Close Reference function to execute after the Save Report to File VI.


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