Why Does the PCIe-8375 Lose and Reestablish Connection Between PC Reboots?

Updated Aug 28, 2019

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  • PCIe-8375
  • PXIe-8375

Issue Details

I am using a PCIe-8375 connected to a PXIe-8375 MXI device via a 10m fiber optic cable. I reboot the PC, and the PC loses connection to the PXI chassis. After rebooting the PC again, the MXI connection is reestablished. When I reboot the PC for a third time, the connection is lost again. Why does my PCIe-8375 lose and reestablish connection between PC reboots?


The problem is due to differences in the fiber optic cable timing characteristics interacting with the PCIe-8375 card, which is a result of the new transceivers used within the 10m fiber optic cable.  This issue has been resolved in newer revisions of the PCIe-8375.

If you experience this behavior, please contact National Instruments Support.


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