Measurement Studio Tools Missing in Visual Studio

Updated Aug 27, 2019

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  • Measurement Studio

Issue Details

I installed Visual Studio and then installed Measurement Studio 2015. When I open up Visual Studio, I do not see any of the Measurement Studio components, and do not see the Measurement Studio tab in the Visual Studio toolbar. Why are the Measurement Studio tools and tab not showing in Visual Studio? 


This behavior most frequently occurs when you do not have compatible versions of Measurement Studio and Visual Studio. Check the Measurement Studio and Visual Studio compatibility chart to ensure you are working in a version of Visual Studio that is supported by your Measurement Studio version. If you are not, you have two options moving forward: 

  1. Use a supported Visual Studio version. With this option, you will see the tools integrated within the Visual Studio environment and the project license files will be updated automatically. To revert to a supported Visual Studio version, follow the steps below:
    1. Install the compatible Visual Studio version.
    2. Reinstall Measurement Studio and ensure support is selected for your version of Visual Studio. 
  2. Use a newer version of Visual Studio than the listed supported versions. With this option, you will not see the Measurement Studio tab in Visual Studio, but you will still be able to use the rest of the tools, such as the User Interface Controls, the Analysis libraries, Installer Builder, and the Help. You will also have to manually update your project license files.
    1. To use a version of Visual Studio that is newer than the listed supported version, you can follow the steps listed on our product documentation for Measurement Studio and Visual Studio 2015 and newer. See Additional Information for steps for Measurement Studio 2013 in newer versions of Visual Studio.

If you already have a supported version of Visual Studio installed and you do not see the tools, force reinstall Measurement Studio and ensure you have selected support for the Visual Studio version that you have installed.  

Additional Information

If you are working with Measurement Studio 2013 and would like to use it with Visual Studio 2013 or newer, follow these steps on including the relevant Analysis libraries and User Interface Controls. 


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