Error Copying Files when Building an Executable or LLB

Updated Nov 8, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

When creating my executable or llb, I get the message "The build was unsuccessful. Error copying files." 

How can I resolve this error?


This error frequently occurs when there are illegal characters in files you are attempting to copy, which results in a failure of the build.  To resolve this error, remove any illegal characters from the VIs that you are using.  Keep in mind that they may be files included in an instrument library, ones included in a library, or other user created VIs.  

On a Windows platform, the following characters are illegal to use in a file name and therefore files with these characters cannot be copied: 

?    [    ]    /    \    =   +    <    >    :    ;    "    ,    * 

Additionally, a period (.) can only be used to denote the file extension. Using multiple periods in a file name constitutes invalid syntax. 

Removing these characters from the file names of the VIs in question should resolve this error.

This error can also occur if a Windows shortcut file (*.lnk) is included in the build. Copy the file to a direct location and directly reference it to resolve this error.  

This error can also occur from including a VI from one llb to package inside of a second llb. Try removing the included VI from the llb to fix this issue.


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