Using the SMB Port on PXI(e) Controller to Route Trigger Signals

Updated Jan 2, 2020

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  • PXI Controller


  • PXI Platform Services

Issue Details

  • Can I use the SMB port on the front of my PXI(e) controller to route trigger signals?
  • How do I output a trigger from the SMB trigger connector on my controller?
  • How can I send a signal from the SMB port to the PXI(e) backplane?


Starting with PXI Platform Services 17.3, you can use the SMB terminals on NI PXI(e) controllers with Pharlap OS for trigger routing. Linux RT controllers support the feature starting with PXI Platform Services 19.0.  You can use /[hostname]/TRIG_SMB with DAQmx Signal Routing VIs as shown in the example from Using the Trigger Line on a PXI(e) Controller.

Alternatively, you can also create a route implicitly, providing /[hostname]/TRIG_SMB as a terminal to a property node associated with a given operation as shown below. This requires less programming and is more automatic, but not all APIs support it. Please note that [hostname] is the controller's name on the network.
The SMB terminal can be connected to the backplane of a PXI(e) chassis using the DAQmx Connect Terminals VI. This sends the signal from the SMB to a specified TTL or PFI line, allowing multiple PXI(e) cards to be triggered from the same source.

Additional Information

If you cannot upgrade to a new PXI Platform Services version, you can use other modules that support signal routing.