Waveform Graph Flashes All Data Before Adjusting X Scale with Property Nodes

Updated Oct 4, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I want only a portion of my data to show up on my waveform graph. I'm trying to change its XScale.Maximum property using a property node. When I write an array of data to my waveform graph, it briefly flashes all of the data, then scales down to the subset I want. How do I get it to not flash all the data before applying the scaling?


  1. Right click the waveform graph on the front panel and scroll down to X Scale >> AutoScale X and uncheck it. 
  2. Create a data dependency between your property node and where the data is getting written, as shown below. This is most easily accomplished by running the error wire from the property node through where you are writing to the waveform graph.

Additional Information

This is happening because of the order of execution of the writing of data to the waveform graph and the property node. If there is no data dependency between them, the order of execution cannot be guaranteed, so we have to create a dependency with the error wire.


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