Controlling Analog Output Pin on AKD P00606-NBEC-0000 Motor Drive using SoftMotion

Updated Sep 20, 2018

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  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW SoftMotion Module

Issue Details

I am using NI SoftMotion, and I have an AKD P00606-NBEC-0000. I see that there is an Analog Output pin on the device. How can I control it using SoftMotion?


Unfortunately, there is no control of the AKD's analog output through SoftMotion, although these are usually used for outputting signals to other machine components and are configured in Kollmorgen WorkBench. If you do want to enable that output, it would most likely be done in Kollmorgen WorkBench, not in LabVIEW with SoftMotion.

Additional Information

You can reference Page 144 of the the AKD Installation Manual, which shows what Pins (based on the connection type) are programmable, and what they output if they are not programmable. In the case of the AKD P00606-NBEC-0000, the Analog Output pin outputs actual voltage velocity of the motor being controller. This would be useful if you want to send this information to another device to monitor the motor speed.


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