Differences in Software Requirements for NI DAQ Devices

Updated Mar 28, 2019

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  • NI-DAQmx

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I am currently using National Instruments Data Acquisition Hardware, however, I need to swap out this module for a new, different module. How can I tell if my existing software will need to be changed to accommodate this new hardware?


The vast majority of National Instruments DAQ devices only require NI DAQmx software. To check if your existing software is compatible with your new hardware, follow these steps:
  1. Determine which version of NI DAQmx is installed on your computer.
    1. Launch Measurement & Automation Explorer by navigating to Start»Programs»National Instruments»Measurement & Automation.
    2. Expand the Software menu in the Configuration section.
    3. Select the software you want to check. The version appears to the right on the Attributes panel as shown below
  2. Find the your hardware in the NI DAQmx Readme
    1. Navigate to http://www.ni.com/manuals/ in our browser
    2. Search for NI DAQmx (your version) and open it
    3. Scroll down to the Device Support in NI-DAQmx and look for you hardware. If it is listed, no software changes are necessary.
If your hardware is not listed, you will need to upgrade your version of NI DAQmx. You can find the latest version on the DAQmx download page .

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