Using Buttons User Input Example to Call Sub-Sequences in TestStand

Updated May 16, 2023



  • TestStand

I am trying to use the Message Popup Step Type - Get User Input to call a sequence when one of the buttons from the message pop up dialog is selected. How do I do that?  

  1. You need to use the select step to pass the value of the selected button to the case step in order to execute the steps inside that case. 
  2. Add a sequence call step to each case, depending on the sub-sequence you would like to call depending on the button pressed.
Figures below show how the sequence should look like: 

In figures above, the select step is used to store the button selected on the message pop up and then pass the value to the case step, which will run the sequence depending on the button pressed.

Additional Information

You can use this structure to write to different variables or call code modules, depending on what you would like to do with the buttons. Select and case act similar to the 'if' statement in text-based programming language.