NI Digitizers Channel to Channel Skew

Updated Nov 20, 2018

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  • PXI Digitizer
  • PXI Oscilloscope
  • Oscilloscope Device

Issue Details

When I set up my National Instruments digitizer to acquire from two channels, I am seeing a slight delay between the two signals when using a reference trigger. This effect is more noticeable when I use the 50 Ω input on one channel and the 1 MΩ input on the other channel.  What can I expect for my channel to channel delay for a particular measurement?


Due to component tolerances and differences in paths (in the case of different input impedances) you will see a channel to channel skew when using NI digitizers.  This skew is specified in the user manual for each individual device.  This skew will be at a maximum when using different input impendances on the different channels.

Additional Information

The skew will be fairly constant for a particular device under similar environmental conditions and configurations.  You can characterize your device to determine the actual channel-to-channel skew for a particular configuration.


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