How to Wire a Self-Powered Current Transducer to NI 9207

Updated Apr 25, 2023



  • NI-9207

I have a self-powered transducer which outputs a current proportional to the measured physical signal. The getting started guide for the NI-9207 provides information on how to wire a loop-powered current transducer, where the power supply is routed through the module (Vsup).

How should I connect it if the transducer is a self-powered one?

You should wire the positive cable of the current transducer to one of the positive current inputs of the module. The current inputs range from AI8 to AI15. Then, connect the negative cable of your transducer to the COM pin of the NI-9207. Finally, make sure to power the transducer with its own external power supply. See the following image as a reference.

The AI input can be any of the current inputs.