How to Change the Timeout of the GPIB-RS232 Converter

Updated Oct 4, 2018

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  • GPIB Instrument Control Device

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I'm using the GPIB-RS232 converter to interface with GPIB Instruments in S mode. If my GPIB instruments take longer than 10 seconds to generate a response, I'm seeing the converter respond with a timeout. How do I change this behavior? 


The GPIB-RS232 converter has a default timeout of 10 seconds when set to S mode. The converter can be programmed using programming messages. Programming messages are distinguished by terminating the message with a line feed character, carriage return character, or both. The command to program the timeout of the converter is tmo.

For example, the ASCII string which programs the converter to a 30 second timeout would be "tmo 30 <CR>". If you are programming in ANSI C your code might look like the below example:
char  buffer [] = "tmo 30\r";
viWrite(instr, buffer, strlen(buffer), &retCount);
The Help documentation for the GPIB-RS232 converter can be found by installing the GPIB Serial converter software package found here and launching GPIB-Serial Converter Help from the start menu.   


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