How to Save Standard Reports

Updated Jul 11, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

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I know I can save HTML, Word and Excel reports. Is there a way to save standard reports?


There is a way to save a Standard Report from LabVIEW to disk, but it is not a direct way. You can select Start » Settings » Printers and then select "Add Printer". From the port selection use the "FILE:" port (instead of a network printer or parallel port) and select 'Generic' for the Manufacturer with 'Generic/Text only' as the printer in the Add Printer Wizard. You can also generate PostScript or PDF documents using different kinds of printers (e.g. AST TurboLaser-PS). After this, all you have to do is wire the printer name to the printer name terminal of the Report Generation Print VI. When the VI is run, it pops up a dialog box asking for a filename to save and it prints to the file instead of a printer.

This method will save the file, but will also include some additional characters.

Additional Information

In LabVIEW 2018, the Report Generation VIs no longer support generating reports in the Standard Report format. You can generate report sin HTML, Word, or Excel formats only. Because of the behavior change, the following VIs are deprecated:
  • Easy Print VI Panel or Documentation—This VI is deprecated. Use the Print VI Panel or
  • Documentation VI instead.
  •  Easy Text Report—This VI is deprecated. Use the Create Easy Text Report VI instead.
  • Get Report Type—This VI is deprecated. Use the Report Type VI instead.
  •  New Report—This VI is deprecated. Use the Create Report VI instead.
  •  Set Report Tab Width—This VI is deprecated.