How Do I Retrieve the Device Number from the .Hws File When Using Digital Waveform Editor?

Updated Sep 17, 2018

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  • Digital Waveform Editor

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I have multiple devices, marked as device 0, device 1, and so on in Digital Waveform Editor. How can I retrieve the device number from the .hws file that contains my waveforms? 


The hws file will save your digital data in a 2D array. If you have two devices, row 0 of the array corresponds to device 0 and row 1 corresponds to device 1. You will need to use niHWS_RetrieveWaveform function/VI to retrieve the two-dimensional digital data and then use index array functions to separate the rows of the data. The picture below shows how to do this in LabVIEW. 

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For more information see NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer Help.


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