Sharing LabVIEW Code with Project Library

Updated Dec 27, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I have created a set of functions in LabVIEW to interface a third-party application. I want to share these functions with my customer to help them speed up the development process of their applications. What is the best way to share this files with end users?


Use a LabVIEW project library to package Vis, type definitions, shared variables, palette files, and other files. Refer to Sharing Code with the LabVIEW Project Library for more information about creating and using project libraries.


Additionally, you can create a Packed Project Library to allow more modular code, shorter build times, and easier deployments. Refer to Using Packed Project Libraries in LabVIEW Projects for more information about reasons to use a Packed Project Library and how to create it.


Note  You cannot modify the files in a packed library unless you make changes to the files and rebuild the packed library.


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