NI-SCOPE Fails Self-Calibrate

Updated Oct 28, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-5122
  • PCIe-8361
  • PXIe-5162



Issue Details

I have a National Instruments oscilloscope card, such as a PXI-5122 or a PXIe-5162, and my device fails self-calibrate in NI MAX and NI-SCOPE Soft Front Panel with one of the status codes:
  • -200284
  • -50550
​ ni scope self 4870003<err> Status code: -50550
What can I do?


These error codes indicate fairly general problems that can be caused by either hardware or software. You can resolve these errors through one of the troubleshooting steps below:
  1. Reset the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer, then try the self-calibrate again.
  2. Reboot the PC or PXI controller.
  3. Try a different PCI or PXI slot.
  4. If you are using a remote controller (i.e PCIe-8361) make sure the MXI card has the DIP Switch in the correct position, either ON if you are using BIOS Compatibility Mode or OFF if you are not.

Additional Information

If you try all of the steps above and your device still fails self-test, please contact National Instruments Support.


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