IP Reset Switch on PXI Controller Only Resets Primary Network Port

Updated Mar 3, 2021

Reported In


  • PXI Controller

Issue Details

When I set the dip switch or BIOS to IP reset, it seems like only the network configurations on the primary port get reset to factory settings and all other network ports are left without change.  This is true regardless of which port I set to be primary via MAX.  This is the correct behavior?


Yes, it is correct behavior that IP reset will only reset the primary network port. 

Additional Information

The IP reset option is design is as such because if the target is booted using the safe mode firmware and IP reset enabled, then that is the behavior we would see.  Since we do not want to have differences in behavior between a target booting using safe mode firmware and a target booting without safe mode firmware when IP reset is enabled, we chose IP reset to only affect the primary port.