How to Differentiate cRIO-903x from cRIO-903x Sync?

Updated Apr 16, 2020

Reported In


  • cRIO-9030
  • cRIO-9031
  • cRIO-9032
  • cRIO-9033
  • cRIO-9034
  • cRIO-9035
  • cRIO-9036
  • cRIO-9037
  • cRIO-9038
  • cRIO-9039

Issue Details

How can I tell by looking at my CompactRIO 903x if it is sync-enabled or not?


You can tell if a cRIO-903x is sync-enabled or not based on the face plate.
  • A sync-enabled cRIO-903x will have SYNC written next to the network ports as shown in the image below:
  • A non-sync-enabled cRIO-90x will not have SYNC written on the face plate.