How to Customize the Measurement Probe Display in NI Multisim

Updated Sep 11, 2018

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  • Multisim

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I placed a measurement probe from the Simulate » Instruments » Measurement Probe menu on a wire to display the circuit voltage and current while running the simulation. However, the measurement probe has a lot of information that I do not want to display and it is taking up a lot of space on my schematic, is there a way to customize the measurement probe display?


You can customize the measurement probe display, double-click the probe to open the Probe Properties dialog. Select the Parameters tab and click the checkbox besides Show to hide or display everything, next click on the cell underneath the Show column to individually select which item to display. Click Apply then OK to close the Probe Properties dialog. 

Depending on what you changed, the probe display window may be too large. Click on the probe display and you will see some blue vertices around the border, click on a vertex to adjust the display area.