What Is the Lowest Capacitance or Inductance That My PXI(e) DMM Can Measure?

Updated Jan 9, 2019

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  • PXI-4072
  • PXIe-4082


  • NI-DMM

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I am using an NI PXI, or PXIe, DMM module to measure capacitance or inductance. What is the lowest capacitance or inductance that I can measure with these devices?


NI does not spec the lowest capacitance or inductance value these devices can measure, because the limiting factor for practical measurements is usually the accuracy of the devices, not their resolution.

For information on the smallest value these DMM's are capable of accurately measuring, refer to the accuracy specifications in your device's datasheet.

Additional Information

For example, the PXI 4072 and PXIe 4082 DMM modules, in the lowest range of capacitance and inductance measurements, have accurracies of ± 1.8 pF and ± 100 nH, respectively. While the resolution of these devices allows them to theoretically measure smaller values than these, the accuracy makes it such that those readings may not be meaningful depending on the accuracy requirements for your application.


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