FlexRIO vs Frame Grabber Camera Link Streaming Comparison

Updated Nov 19, 2018

Reported In


  • Camera Link Adapter Module for FlexRIO
  • RAID Array
  • PXIe-1435


  • DevSuite Image and Vision Acquisition

Issue Details

I’m building a high-performance PXI vision system and Camera Link cameras. I’d like to take in images from my cameras and stream them directly to a RAID system as quickly and efficiently as possible. Should I consider using a FlexRIO card to speed up my process?


If you are not doing processing on the images you acquire, the FPGA onboard the FlexRIO cards would not provide much of an advantage over a normal Camera Link Frame Grabber card.
You may also consider streaming speeds- Full Configuration Camera Link buses run at a maximum of 680 MB/s, which is much slower than the FlexRIO cards can process information. Frame Grabbers like the PXIe-1435 can stream the data just as fast as the camera can send it, so you may not need any additional speed.


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