Stepper Motor Drive 7612 Getting "Internal Voltage out of Range " Message

Updated Sep 19, 2018

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  • Stepper Motor Drive

Issue Details

My stepper motor drive 7612 was working previously and now its LED colors are indicating an Internal voltage out of range error as specified from the manual. 


If the drive was working previously I would check the following:
  • Check if the software has changed at all. Changing the software can alter how the drive operates and could result in the incorrect amount of voltage being sent to the drive
  • Check the wiring to and from the drive. Faulty wiring can result in loss of power or current from the drive
  • Check the power supply. The power supply can not be producing the correct amount of voltage to the drive
  • If possible, swap out with another stepper motor drive to see if the drive is malfunctioning

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