Using the HDD-826x Series RAID Arrays Without Connecting to a PXI Chassis

Updated Nov 30, 2018

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  • RAID Array
  • Device for PXI Remote Control
  • MXI Cable

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I have an HD-826x series RAID array, and I would like to use it with my PC directly without connecting to a PXI chassis. Can I do this?


Yes, you can connect the HDD RAID arrays directly to the PC using a PCIe card with a MXI cable. The exact PCIe card will depend on the MXI connector on your RAID array. For example:
  • HDD-8265 has a x4 MXI connection, so you can use the PCIe-8371 card with a MXI x4 cable
  • HDD-8266 has a x8 MXI connection, so you can use the PCIe-8381 card with a MXI x8 cable

Furthermore, if you are moving your HDD-826x from a PXI system to a PC system, your PC should have the same operating system as your PXI system. 


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