Error -1074135024: Invalid Value for Parameter or Property Using IVI Driver

Updated Nov 13, 2023

Reported In


  • Windows
  • LabWindows/CVI


  • IVI Compliance Package

Issue Details

I have an IVI Instrument Driver for a particular instrument, but I cannot configure or set certain properties. When trying to some parameters, such as a current or voltage limit, I get:  

"Error -1074135024 occurred. Possible reason(s): Driver Status: Hex 0xBFFA0010) Invalid value for parameter or property."

My particular model supports the given limit, so why do I get this error?


This error is caused by range checking that is implemented within the IVI driver, confirm the following before reporting this problem to National Instruments. 
  • Confirm you are using a valid range according to the instrument specifications
  • If your hardware comes with setup or calibration software, test whether the range works outside the IVI driver
  • Capture an I/O Trace to validate that the correct value is being set to the instrument
  • Confirm you have not disabled the ID Query and that your model is supported by the instrument driver.
    • Check in NI MAX IVI configuration
    • Check your initialization string