Can I Use Area Scan Camera as Line Scan Camera with NI 1433?

Updated Sep 4, 2018

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  • Frame Grabber Device
  • Area Scan Camera
  • Line Scan Camera



Issue Details

I have a PCIe-1433 Camera Link frame grabber and an area scan camera.  Can I use the area scan camera as a line scan camera to only read from a select row of pixels and have the PCIe-1433 stitch that row of pixels into a 2-D image as a line scan camera would do?


No, the PCIe-1433 is not able to make an area scan camera act like a line scan camera where you can stitch rows together to obtain an image.  An area scan camera with the PCIe-1433 will return an image without you needing to define what rows to stitch and a line scan camera with the PCIe-1433 will allow you to choose your image height and it will automatically stitch the rows of pixels together to return an image.


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