How Can I Fix my Corrupted VI in my LabVIEW Project?

Updated Jun 3, 2021

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

My LabVIEW Project contains a corrupted VI. When working on my project on my development computer it works fine, but when I open my project on another computer my project contains a corrupted VI, regardless of the LabVIEW version.
In my case the corrupted VI displays my wired connections incorrectly. The display is corrupted and displays my wired connections off screen. What can I do to repair my corrupted VI?


If your VI is corrupted, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • First, in this particular case, you can try the function "Clean Up Diagram" on the toolbar of the VI. It will reorganize all your wires on your diagram so it could fix your solution. There is an explanation of this tool on the article Automatiacally Clean Up LabVIEW Block Diagrams.
  • You can also create a new VI in your project that will take the place of your corrupted VI's functionality. You would copy the code which is working and you paste it into this new VI. Then, you can delete your original corrupted VI and use the new one on other computers. If the problem is still there, the problem is a code issue and not due to VI corruption.