Configuring the NI 9949 with the NI 9237 for 3-Wire Strain Gauge

Updated Feb 10, 2023

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  • NI-9237
  • NI-9949

Issue Details

How can I configure 3-wire strain gauge with NI 9949 and NI 9237? 


The NI-9237 simultaneous bride module for use with CompactDAQ and CompactRIO contains all the signal conditioning required to power and measure up to four bridge-based sensors simultaneously. 

You can follow the connection diagram below if you are using NI-9949 with NI-9237 to measure 3-wire strain gauge.
External resistor (R3) is required to complete the bridge circuit like the picture below. 
The list of pin connections between NI-9949 and the NI-9237 can be found below: