Interrupt Overflow of the Type "X" in DIAdem?

Updated Sep 4, 2018

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  • DIAdem DAC Bundle

Issue Details

When I measure with DIAdem, sometimes an error message appears that describes an interrupt overflow like this image :
What can I do against it ?


Explanation of the different types of error :
  • Type 1: The interrupt frequency is higher than the computer can basically handle interrupts.
  • Type 2: The interrupt function in the measuring core takes longer than the specified sampling period.
  • Type 3: The interrupt function in the measuring core takes longer than the computer can process the interrupts with the given sampling period.
  • Type 4: An in-program optimization algorithm that allows infinite adjustment of the sampling frequency based on the consumption of computation time. This algorithm has found that its own consumption of computational time no longer leaves enough computing time for the operating system.
  • Type 32: combination of Type 3 and Type 2
  • Type 42: combination of Type 4 and Type 2
Solution to avoid the error : 
  • Type 1: Divide by 2 the sampling rate and restart the circuit diagram.
  • Type 2/3/32/42, try to :
    • Set a lower sampling rate.
    • Reduce the interrupt section in your circuit diagram. Leave only the most necessary in the interrupt run.
    • Work with fewer channels in the interrupt.
    • Use a faster computer.
  • Type 4: Deactivate the program-internal optimization algorithm via the TSCIgnore parameter in the registry. The¬†adjustment of the sampling rate will be coarser.


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