Change Plot Interpolation in a Graph or Chart

Updated Aug 30, 2018

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How can I change the plot interpolation of in graph or chart in LabVIEW?


There are two possibilities to change the interpolation method used, you can either accomplish this programmatically using a property node on the block diagram, or you can change it manually on the front panel.

 Property Node Method (Programmatic): 
  1. Place a chart or graph on your front panel.
  2. ​On the block diagram, right-click on the graph terminal and choose Create»Property Node»Plot»Plot interpolation to create a property node called Plot.Interp for the chart/graph. Right-click on the property node and select Change To Write.
  3. Right-click on the property node input and select Create»Constant.
  4. Change the constant according to: Interpolation of plot: 0-None, 1-Stepwise, 2-Linear, 3-Stepwise horizontal, 4-Stepwise horizontally centered, 5-Stepwise vertically centered.

Plot Legend Method (Non-programmatic):
  1. Place a chart or graph on your front panel.
  2. On the front panel, right-click the graph and select Properties.
  3. From the Graph Properties window select the Plots tab, where you can select the interpolation method:

4. Once you select the desired interpolation, confirm by clicking in OK.


Additional Information

For further information about the interpolation methods available please refer to Plot Interpolation Property.
For an overview of the plot properties see Plot Properties.


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