Suppressing Automatic Reboot after Software Installation

Updated Aug 30, 2018

Reported In

Operating System

  • Windows


  • all NI software

Issue Details

I programmed a batch script to install NI software packages automatically on several computers:
T:\LV\setup1.exe /applyspecfile T:\LV\spec1 /q /acceptlicenses yes 
T:\LV\setup2.exe /applyspecfile T:\LV\spec2 /q /acceptlicenses yes 
T:\TS\setup.exe /applyspecfile T:\TS\spec /q /acceptlicenses yes 

However, after the first installation is executed the computers automatically reboot. The lines after this point never run due to the reboot. Is there a switch that I can use to prevent this?


There is a command line option to prevent automatic rebooting. It is /r respectively /r:n

Additional Information

NI installers have many command line options that change the installers' behavior. Execute setup.exe /h on the command line to get a window showing a full list like this:


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