Configuration of USB Instruments for Their Control through NI VISA

Updated Dec 28, 2018

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Issue Details

Some third party USB devices are not listed in MAX and can't be controlled using NI-VISA


We must first tell the Windows Operating System to use the NI VISA as the default driver for the USB device with an INF file. The INF file can be created using VISA Driver Development Wizard. We should install this INF file and the associated USB device using the same.

Generation and Installation of the INF file for a USB device:
  1. Select Start » Programs » National Instruments » NI-VISA » NI-VISA Driver Wizard and select USB option and click Next. 
  2. Enter the Manufacturer, Model, Vendor and Product ID information of the USB device and click Next.
  3. Enter the proper prefix name (i.e. .inf file name) and click Next. 
  4. Select Install the Generated files on the Computer option and click Finish Or select Take me to the folder containing .inf files option and manually right click on the .inf file and click Install to finish the installation of INF file. The USB device should be visible in MAX automatically.


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