Run a LabVIEW VI Asynchronously from TestStand

Updated May 15, 2023



  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand

I have a LabVIEW VI which needs to run in the background of my test sequence. These background tasks can include an interface that is logging serial commands, to an engine that is making sure the system has no faults, etc.

  1. Build your LabVIEW VI:
    1. Use the Termination Monitor - LabVIEW to monitor if the TestStand sequence is aborted or terminated.
    2. Use a Functional Global Variable (FGV) to send the stop condition. This way, you can call the FGV VI from the TestStand sequence at the end of the execution.


  1. Call your VI from TestStand:
    1. TestStand includes a Step type called: Run VI Asynchronously, which allows you to execute a VI without having to wait for it to complete.
    2. Use the FGV you created in LabVIEW to stop the Asynchronous VI.

Additional Information

You can find an example of this behavior in the NI Community: Run a LabVIEW VI Asynchronously from TestStand