Error -2147220692 When Deploying Network Shared Variables

Updated Aug 29, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module
  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Issue Details

I'm Using network shared variables in my LabVIEW application, but when I try to deploy them from the Project Explorer window I getting error -2147220692:
​Deployment failded (error:-2147220692, MAX: (Hex 0x8004032C) The configuration database exited abnormally. Visit and enter the Info Code MAXTerminatedServiceError if the problem persists.

​Following a screenshot of the error:


This error is related to the MAX (Measurements & Automation Explorer) try the following steps to solve this issue:

1. Try a reset of the NI MAX database File.
2. If error persist, follow the procedure indicated in the document MAXTerminatedServiceError When NI MAX Database Exited Abnormally.

Additional Information

An unexpected computer shutdown or crash can cause the NI MAX Database to become corrupt and require a reset of the database. 


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