Can cRIO Be Used as an EtherNet/IP Master?

Updated Feb 4, 2020

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Controller


  • NI-Industrial Communications for Ethernet/IP

Issue Details

  • I would like to use my cRIO as an EtherNet/IP Master, does this functionality exist?
  • Do EtherNet/IP LabVIEW driver and cRIO support I/O Scanner (Master) type of EtherNet/IP device?


The CompactRIO can communicate via EtherNet/IP through the use of the NI-Industrial Communications for EtherNet/IP driver, however it has only Class 1 I/O Adapter (Slave) support. So it does not have native functionality to be an EtherNet/IP I/O Scanner (Master). It can be used only as an EtherNet/IP Slave using the driver.

Additional Information

The cRIO does have the capability to be the master for other industrial communication protocols, so if you do need it to be the master you can look into using others such as EtherCAT or CANopen.