Should I Transfer or Remove Permissions When Prompted by NI VLM?

Updated Sep 6, 2018

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  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I have installed a new license file on NI VLM and there is a prompt like the one seen on the following image where I can choose to transfer or remove the permissions associated to certain Developer Suites I had on the previous license file.

I want to know which option to choose.


The best option depends on the software the users need and the work it might imply to tranfer all the permissions and then checking if all software and activation needs have been satisfied. The processes for each option are:
  • Remove Option. Select 'Remove all permissions assigned to this license' and the go to each user (or computer) to assign the explicit licenses according to the software they need to use.
  • Transfer Option. Refer to the solution in the article¬†Transferring Permissions When Installing a New License File in VLM¬†for a detailed explanation of how to perform this.

Additional Information

You are seeing this prompt because Developer Suites have moved to Software Suites, so the license files have different options and NI VLM does not relate them, since there can be changes in the software contained on the suites.


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