Using DAQ Assistant or Creating DAQmx Task in LabVIEW Evaluation Version

Updated Nov 1, 2018

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Can I use the DAQ Assistant or create a DAQmx Task while using LabVIEW Evaluation Version?


Yes, it is possible to use the DAQ Assistant in LabVIEW or create a DAQmx Task in Measurement & Automation Explorer while having the LabVIEW evaluation version on your computer. 

The user will receive several prompts during the creation of a task that warns him/her that they must have a licensed version of Measurement Studio, LabWindows™/CVI™, or LabVIEW. Even though the user is supposed to have one of these licensed software versions to create DAQmx Tasks, they will still have full functionality for the creation of DAQmx Tasks during their limited LabVIEW Evaluation period. Below are the prompts that the user will receive and which selections to choose in order to create DAQmx Tasks.

When you first try to configure a task, you will be presented with the prompt below. To continue, select the box that states "I understand and will comply with the licensing restrictions."

After configuring the task you will be prompted with another warning. Select the bottom button "Run in unlicensed mode" to use the full functionality of your task.


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