Error -808 While Using Timed Loops or Timed Sequences in LabVIEW

Updated Oct 22, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have multiple timed loops running in my LabVIEW code. When I monitor the output error of the timed loop, I see: Error -808: The given name is already being used by the following timed structure.  I have unique names in the configuration node of the timed structure. Why am I receiving this error and how can I fix this?


This behavior can occur when multiple timed loops in the same VI become corrupt. The timed loop or timed sequence may return that the "given name is already being used"​ despite having unique names for your timed structures.  

To address this behavior, we can regenerate the structure to have the structure name also regenerate.
  • Identify which timed structures are returning this error and replace them with their non-timed equivalent structure.
    • For a timed loop, replace with a while loop by right-clicking on the timed loop and selecting Replace with While Loop.
    • For a timed sequence, replace with a flat sequence by right-clicking on the timed sequence and selecting Replace with Flat Sequence.
  • Then replace with the original structure using the same method (Replace with ...). This will regenerate the timed structure and should remove any errors due to corruption.

Additional Information

This error also occurs when a copy of a subVI (using timed loops) is made, saved as a unique name, and placed in the same program as the original subVI. These results do not occur when the copy is not saved, though. 

Error -808
 is not an error that the automatic error handler will detect, so the error cluster must be wired through the timed loops to display it. To alleviate this issue, the timed loops within the subVI will need to follow the steps above to be replaced with while loops.