Why Am I Getting Error -90032 With The Mathscript Node?

Updated Aug 31, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW MathScript Module

Issue Details

When I run my The Mathworks, Inc. MATLAB® code in the Mathscript Node, I get the following error:


Error -90032 comes from incorrect indexing. The Mathscript Node will read a vector or 1D array in either vertical or horizontal orientation, but will operate with it in horizontal orientation unless you add code in the Mathscript Node to change that once it is read in. Make sure that your vector or 1D array is not indexed like this:

Instead, be sure that it is indexed like the following. The orientation of the input vector or 1D array does not affect how the corresponding vector or 1D array in the Mathscript Node will be.

Both give the same result:


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