NI Motion Initialization Dialog Box Disappears

Updated Aug 28, 2018

Reported In


  • PCI-7330
  • PXI-7334
  • PCI-7334
  • PXI-7350
  • PXI-7340


  • NI-Motion

Issue Details

I have an NI 73xx card (NI 7330/7340/7350) and when I click Initialize in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer, I see a dialog box appear and persist. On another computer, the initialization dialog box appears and then quickly disappears. Why is this happening?


The initialization dialog box has a checkbox option for Automatically close when initialization completes successfully. If this is checked, the dialog box will not persist after a successful initialization. If an error or fault occurs during initialization, the dialog box will persist and display the error. 

Additional Information

If you'd like to uncheck the box to automatically close the dialog, and cannot deselect the box before the dialog closes, you can force an error by safely removing the card and then trying the initialization in the now missing card in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer. This will force an error and the dialog box should persist long enough for you to uncheck the checkbox.


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