Graph Y-Scale Mid-Labels Value Change Disable

Updated Sep 12, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

When changing a value of the mid-scale label, the whole scale acts strangely.
On the pictures below you can see that when you change the mid-scale value for example 2.5 to 5 all of the mid-scale labels will disappear except 0.
Normal GraphChanging Value of the Mid-Scale LabelResult Graph

​Is possible to block value change of all scale labels, except minimum and maximum? 


LabVIEW has not implemented such a feature, but it's possible to program workaround. You just need to implement a specific part of an event-based code, which will block the selection of these labels.

The code will discard every Mouse Down event, that will be in an area of the scale, except the minimum and maximum. The area is calculated from properties YScale Position and YScale Bounds.


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